Job Ugbem

Software Engineer | Educator


A software developer and technologist who is passionate about products that are helpful to mankind, with a keen spirit of being an enthusiastic team player and eager to learn something new and apply it to the daily development routine.

Work Experiences

Backend Developer

Canary Point Corporate Services | Jan 2021 - Present

Canary Point Corporate Services is a holding company for various other companies that offer a range of investment and financial services to the public with the aim of offering effective money management. Canary Point encompasses a broad range of businesses whose services span various areas of specialty within the financial sector.

Tools & Technology
  • NodeJS | Redis | MySQL | Linux | Git & Gitlab | ORMs | Headless CMS (Strapi)
  • Wrote clean, efficient and scalable web APIs
  • Tasked with maintaining existing codebase

NodeJS Developer (Intern)

SkillUp Africa | June 2020 - Nov 2020

Skillup Africa is a graduate empowerment program aimed at providing a platform for exceptional Africans to learn viable skills and become professionals sought after by experts globally.

Tools & Technology
  • JavaScript | NodeJS | Python | Redis | MongoDB | PostgreSQL | Trello
  • Interned as a Backend Web Developer
  • Wrote efficient web APIs with JavaScript and NodeJS


Start Express CLI

Personal Project

An npm package module that spins up a complete Express app with most of its basic functionality in place.

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Foodbukka API (development)

Team Project

A website that lists locations of Restaurants around for users and also tells what type of restaurant it is (Canteen, Bukka or an Eatery).

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Crypt (Crypto on CLI)

Personal Project

This project gets current price of the current crypto market using the Command Line Interface. It also formats the response nicely.

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E-commerce Api

Personal Project

An API written with NodeJS and it performs all basic CRUD functionality including Authentication and Authorization. Also users can add Items to Cart and checkout.

Real Estate Website

Personal Project

A website built with Python and Django web framework, hosted on DigitalOcean hosting service, running on Postgres database and served by Nginx and Gunicorn.

Visitor Management System (development)

Team Project

VMS is a software that serves as a registry for an organization in terms of accurate schedule of meetings, visiting hours and other important activities in an organization.

Other Projects can be viewed on my GitHub Profile